Easy Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy

Do you own a cat? Cats make wonderful pets, and—luckily for you—they don’t need much to remain happy! Read on as your veterinarian Aurora, CO tells you how to keep your feline friend content.

Good Food

First, make sure your cat is receiving a well-balanced, nutritionally complete diet. Feed her a food that is appropriate for her age and weight, as senior cats’ nutritional needs are quite different than those of kittens. Ask your vet for a recommendation, and feel free to ask for advice on proper portion size.

Fun Toys

What cat doesn’t love a few fun toys? Not only do toys provide your cat with entertainment, they give her crucial exercise. That burns excess calories and staves off dangerous obesity, lengthening your cat’s life in the long run.

Plenty of Beds

If there’s one thing our feline friends are good at, it’s napping. Set up plenty of soft beds around your home to give your cat multiple sleeping areas, and try including a few soft blankets for good measure.

Does your cat need veterinary care? Want to know more about keeping your cat happy and healthy? Set up an appointment with your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO.

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