Strong Views on Interracial Dating. Have actually we finally shifted from racial prejudice in this nation?

By Vanessa Philogene — Ebony University Wire

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Have we finally managed to move on from racial prejudice in this nation? If it’s OK to own a black colored guy within the White home, think about a black colored guy within the embrace of a woman that is white? Or, vice-versa? Just how do people actually and certainly feel about that?

Based on a Gallup poll, 95 % of young People in america between your chronilogical age of 18-29, and 45 per cent of the 65 or higher of most races accept interracial dating. And nearly 50 % of all Americans of all of the events have already been tangled up in an interracial relationship.

However, when I talked informally to a wide range of pupils at UVI, i obtained a astonishing quantity of negative response to the idea of interracial dating –some who opposed it on the basis of the reputation for slavery, some opposing it due to social differences, although some state it is no big deal. (more…)