2021 – Bard Seeking recommendations About Out-Aggroing container do the container has their particular container position activated?


have the fuel tank have actually their unique fuel tank position activated?

May seem like he was doing something incorrect tbh

Most people are being focused on tank position, but it could equally as easily be that aquarium had not been AoEing. In any case, these people were doing things wrong. This really is one of those rare cases exactly where, only within the articles review, we can all determine without delay whose failing it actually was. If a tank does work then it’s not possible for a DPS to get aggro in FFXIV.

>it could like easily be your fuel tank was not AoEing it was my own very first attention. Especially if both healer and bard were pulling.

With all the influx of athletes, we don’t see the brand-new tanks aversion to aoe. It shows you for the gret and all. So there are generally SOOOOOO new tanks.

There’s a few points. 1st, even though sport does indeed encourage users to work through hallway of the inexperienced, itsn’t called for, so folks don’t fundamentally have that guide. 2nd, a decent part of men and women are from additional MMOs. (more…)