Jeff and Annie. Jeff and Annie experienced an in depth but complex powerful throughout their six ages with each other at Greendale.

Pairing biography

It was a confusing mixture of fraternal, occasionally antagonistic and often romantic sensations that they had towards both. Annie was at initial shady of Jeff’s inspirations but was actually ultimately obtained more by his charm. She become familiar with their several problems but made a decision to notice good in him and put your to help make even more ethical possibilities. Jeff is at first exploitative of Annie’s scholastic operate ethic but came to admire the girl tough fix and ethical ideas. However actually be very defensive of the lady then when recommended could relax the woman down if she had gone too much inside her activities. Despite romantically following other members belonging to the analysis group, the 2 shortly discovered that they certainly were both keen on one another. They revealed two distinct kisses in their first year at school producing an underlying intimate hassle between them in the remainder of their own moments at Greendale. Jeff repeatedly rejected their desire to Annie who had been aggravated by his reticence but realized how uneasy he was on your period difference. The two sublimated their unique sensations by integrating upon numerous crazy grounds escapades. (more…)