Discovering English-speaking Muslim womena€™s first-time pregnancy reviews: a qualitative longitudinal meeting learn



Muslim people of child-bearing era make-up a reasonable the main British country, but literary works dealing with their health goals or ideas of fitness solutions have not been substantially checked out. The word a€?Muslima€™ often is along with ethnical class name, than regularly involve someone recognized by notions or affiliations. Muslim women typically detect some spiritual and cultural techniques throughout their pregnancy journey. The little data undoubtedly in this region implies that more could be carried out from a website supply outlook to back up Muslim females through this extensive being event. The goal of this study were inquire Muslim womena€™s observed needs and the factors that impact their health seeking alternatives when engaging with maternity facilities situated in North-West of The uk.


The study put longitudinal semi-structured interview with seven English-speaking first-time expecting a baby Muslim people obtaining pregnancy attention in North-West of England. (more…)