Meet up with the staff. Associate Dean for Graduate research and Associate Mentor of females’s, sex, and sex scientific studies and strategy

Patricia Andino

Instructor in Spanish

Charlotte Artese

Prof of french

Reem Bailony

Helper Mentor of History

Kelly H. Golf Ball

Relate Dean for scholar reports and Link teacher of Women’s, Gender, and sex Investigations and attitude

Anne E. Beidler

Teacher of Art

Carlee A. Bishop

Manager of development control and procedures, teacher of Physics

Kristian Blaich

Seeing Helper Prof of Records

Barbara J. Blatchley

Prof of mindset

Laquita C. Blockson

Director of Public Innovation, Relate Professor of Companies Management

Charles Loridans Link Teacher of Traditions

Augustus (Gus) B. Cochran III

Adeline A. Loridans Professor of Political Research

Lesley Coia

Professor of studies

Christine S. Cozzens

Vice-president for scholastic Affairs and Dean of the school, Charles A. Dana Professor of English

Rosemary T. Cunningham

Hal and Julia T. Gret Couch of Free Enterprise

Lara Denis

Prof of idea

Christopher G. De Pree

Charles A. Dana Professor of Astronomy/Chair of Physics and Astronomy, Bradley Observatory manager

Barbara Drescher

Trainer in German

Megan O. Drinkwater

Professor of Classics/Chair

Stacey B. B. Dutton

Assistant Professor of Biology and Neuroscience

Gordon (Toby) Emert Jr.

Mentor of cinema

Douglas J. Falen

Mentor of Anthropology

Douglas A. Fantz

Relate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean with the College, Link Mentor of Chemistry

Timothy S. Finco

Professor of biological science

Gundolf Graml

Link Vice President for educational Affairs and Dean for program and important campaigns, teacher of German