Q As-salaam Alikoum, You will find two boys, 16 and 13 yrs . old. Im raising these people alone in the past 7 several years.

We’ve got no man in our life so i will be arriving this article for understand that i will be struggling to truly supply the support they need and I am afraid!

The previous one is an angel and in advance in the researches, and tries to apply his own Deen.

My little one, however, particularly concerned and brings really upset with me at night whenever he doesn’t receive their technique.

He is connected way more to his neighbors, video cameras and also on their cell.

I want to change our personal diet and get extra taking part in their own lives, but often I come room worn out from succeed!

Remember that i will be the vendor for the premises besides. Be sure to guide about how to coordinating the very best of the ummah and how to establish an atmosphere comfortable wherein they is like a family group. (more…)