Air Travel With Pets

Have you ever had to take your pet on a plane? If not, there are a few considerations to make. Air travel with pets can be tricky, and it might be stressful for your pet. Learn more here as your vet Marietta, GA offers a few tips.

Research the Airline Policies

Do your research to find out the details of your airline’s pet policy. Airlines that allow pets may require that pets are “stowed” in special areas, while some allow you to bring your pet on board with you in the cabin. Bear in mind that there may also be breed or size restrictions.

Get Your Pet Cleared by the Vet

Before takeoff, get your pet cleared for air travel by your vet. You’ll want to make sure your pet is in good health so the flying experience won’t cause any harm. It’s not recommended that young pets, elderly pets, or those managing a disease or condition are taken on flights.

Check Your Destination

Remember to check your destination before leaving home to make sure it’s pet-friendly. Otherwise, you’ll have to figure out other arrangements in a pinch!

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