Don’t Believe Rescue Pet Myths

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there when it comes to rescue pets, waiting in shelters for loving homes. Don’t believe the misconceptions! Your vet Newmarket, ON sets the record straight below:

Rescue Pets Are Poorly Behaved

Some think that pets wouldn’t wind up in a shelter if they were only well-behaved. This isn’t true. Most pets find themselves in shelters because of issues like abandonment and uncontrolled breeding, not poor behavior. Many rescue pets are already trained!

Rescue Pets Are Old

Think rescue pets are old and unwanted? Think again. Pets of every age can be found in your local shelters. Puppies and kittens, middle-aged pets, and senior companions are all there! If you’re in the market for a specific age of the pet, consider touring through the shelters near you.

Rescue Pets Are Dirty

Rescue pets, as well as the facilities they’re housed inside of, are not dirty. In fact, shelters must be kept at a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation in order to prevent the spread of diseases and infection, especially in a place where so many animals are housed in relatively close quarters.

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