What Are Probiotics and How Can They Help Pets?

Antibiotics are quite common in veterinary medicine, as they kill off harmful bacteria. Probiotics are the opposite—they promote healthy bacteria. That can prove beneficial for your pet’s health! Learn more here from veterinarians Middletown, DE.

What is a probiotic, exactly?

A probiotic is a beneficial microbe that lives in your pet’s small and large intestines. They work to maintain the proper microbial balance in your pet’s digestive system. Probiotics also help to destroy pathogens, manufacture essential nutrients, and digest food. 

How does a probiotic help my pet?

A probiotic supplement might be prescribed to a pet who is suffering from a digestive issue. There is also evidence that a good microbial balance in the gut can help with stress, so pets suffering from anxiety problems might also be given a probiotic. 

Probiotics for pets might come in pill or tablet form, or it could come in a yogurt or kefir product. Probiotics can also be included in normal pet food. 

Should my pet receive a probiotic?

Consult your veterinary professional to find out whether or not your pet could benefit from a probiotic supplement. That way, you know it’s safe! 

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