Everything You Wanted to Know About Catnip

If you’ve tried catnips on your cat, you know how our feline friends tend to react: by darting this way and that, or rubbing their bodies and faces in the area where it’s sprinkled. But what is catnip exactly, and is it safe? Learn more here from a pet clinic New Orleans, LA.

What is Catnip?

Catnip is an herb, related to the mint and basil you might have growing in your spice garden. It occurs in the wild, but the catnips you’ll purchase in a pet store is a dried and processed version of the wild plant.

Is Catnip Harmful?

No, catnip is not harmful. It causes a chemical reaction in your cat’s brain, but it’s perfectly safe. Your cat will only feel the effects for a few minutes, and your pet can’t become addicted or overdose on catnips.

Why Doesn’t My Cat React?

Does your cat not react when you give them catnip? Don’t worry—they’re perfectly healthy. Your cat needs a specific gene to react to the chemical found in catnips. It turns out that nearly half of all cats don’t possess that gene!

To learn more about catnip, call your veterinarian New Orleans, LA right away.