The Daily Northwestern. A matchmaking software designed to tie in with curious children as “friends,” “hook-ups” or “dates” happens to be initiating at Northwestern on Sunday day.

Annie Bruce, Reporter September 25, 2014

Friendsy, an app crafted by two Princeton institution seniors, provide students a means to socialize solely along with kids at their own class. Graham Derfner, a Friendsy grounds typical for NU, believed the app might be readily available for children to grab on apple iphone and Android cell phones on Sept. 28 at 8 p.m.

“We desired to develop a manner for college students on campuses to take extra benefit from the astonishing people that are surrounding you and widen the horizons of societal circles in a threat free ways,” said Michael Pinsky, among the many creators of Friendsy.

Like software like Tinder, Friendsy makes it possible for youngsters to review some other kinds and suggest whether or not they would like to “friend,” “hook-up” or “date” you, determined by their particular standard of focus. (more…)