I’ll be concentrating on the Latin-American markets and with the World mug just 8 weeks off, we are going to staying using an extra near watch Brazil

I’ll be concentrating on the Latin-American market and with the business mug only two months aside, we will become getting extra tight take a look at Brazil.

Latin-american nations express aspects of a standard national and linguistic traditions, but each country possesses its own pre-colonial traditions and record, which may have developed the places they truly are today.

Internet sites: what exactly is preferred in Latin America?

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Latin The usa received 159 million online users in 2013, a growth of 21% from 2012. Forty-two % among these customers comprise from Brazil, while 15% comprise from Mexico, 11percent from Argentina, and 7percent from Colombia.

Moving internet has become a popular option to use the net and social media in Latin The united states, with eMarketer predicting that there is going to be 120.8 million cell phone users in Brazil by itself by 2017.

A stunning 94.1% of internet users in Latin America are utilizing social support systems, and Latin-American places need five regarding the top sites for your time allocated to social networking sites (from Brazil at 13.3 several hours four weeks, to Colombia at around six days monthly).


Facebook or twitter is regarded as the popular social networking in Latin America, with around 179 million consumers, cultivating from 116 million consumers in June 2011. Nineteen per cent of fb’s user platform resides in Latin America. (more…)