Adam as a history lifetime of Jesus Christ

Cayce furthermore affirmed Jesus would reincarnate again at alleged a?Second Coming.a?

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Cayce unlocked the puzzle of Adam and Eve and why there’s two split and contradictory development accounts characterized in Genesis 1:25-27 (the initial generation account) and Genesis 2:18-22 (the 2nd production levels.) The very first development levels explains how guy and lady are created on the other hand in Godas picture and as soon as the development of the dogs. The other creation levels defines just how person was made very first, then this dogs, and the lady from a?Adamas rib.a?

Cayce connected one creation accounts of Genesis 1:25-27 with the introduction of Amilius a the initial Christ-soul a and basic phrase of Divine head (the logos) PRECEDING his first incarnation into a physical torso recognized as Adam. Cayce reported the way the fundamental design accounts concerned an initial trend of spirits exiting paradise and inhabiting planet. This celebration is actually characterized when you look at the Bible like the your time after a?Sons of Goda? paired because of the a?daughters of mena? (Genesis 6:1-4) creating the a?Nephilim.a? This entanglement associated with Sons of God because of the tissue of ape-like figures taken place by the unintentional abuse inside free will most likely. Cayce identified this entanglement of people with tissue as the Biblical account on the a?fall belonging to the angelsa? as described symbolically in disclosure 12 along with the Book of Enoch a a magazine regarded as portion of the Hebrew canon and which Jesusa friend, Jude, cited from from inside the Epistle of Jude in New-Testament. Enoch, as stated by Cayce, has also been an incarnation belonging to the Christ-soul whoever vacation to eden portrays at length nov the angels. (more…)