Teenagers attracted gay guys on Grindr subsequently connected them up and urinated on it

Three teens who attracted homosexual boys on dates and introduced horrifying homophobic symptoms happen jailed in excess of 37 several years.

Mohammed Sohail Khan, Qaasim Ahmad, and Muhammad Umar, all aged 18, developed bogus Grindr pages before encounter their particular periods in Birmingham.

The two assaulted and robbed her victims, fastened them up-and attacked these people as they yelled homophobic remarks.

One patients got spat at and urinated in during a traumatic two-hour trial.

The group pulled down his or her trousers and got video of his or her genitals while making derogatory remarks, Birmingham stay accounts.

Another have few clothes stuffed into their lips and got obligated to walk-through dog excrement, while a third got compromised with getting his or her brain superimposed over to video of a paedophile, Birmingham overhead legal known. (more…)