Uncomfortable hard nipples: 15 grounds for Sensitive, delicate or upsetting hard nipples

That great pains of sore nipples frequently are an annoyance that many female have to put up with.

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Nipple problems is caused from something as simple as chaffing or allergies to apparel, or it may be due to contamination. Variations during the cycle can also result in hard nipples to become sensitive, delicate, or harm over normal. Very often expecting mothers and women that are nursing complain that their unique nipples being very tender.

Unfortunately, agonizing nipples may also be associated with additional warning signs that can enhance the distress. Attacks during the glands around the nipples may result in some release, and/or area round the nipple becomes dry and damaged. Oftentimes, you might have some nipple irritation, pain, or notice that your own erect nipples were red and bloated.

Usually, aching hard nipples are not an indication of things major, and are also more of a worsening. (more…)