The previous familiarity with activists of BMMA as a journalist helped to me personally get access to this area


This document lies in participant looking around you in a sharia adalat in Mumbai that’s an element of a network of sharia adalat owned by BMMA, an Islamic feminist motion in Indian. We labored as an intern employing the BMMA and aided in using reports, submitting kinds for litigants, and entry of data of situations through the adalat for 11 days between Oct 2017 and Sep 2018. We came to hearings of all of the cases (about 189 in line with the BMMAa€™s review that We served in compiling) which are registered in those times. We noticed the bad reactions between your qazi and also the women who visited often this room. We won notes during hearings and reviewed the cases with all the qazi because members of the BMMA afterwards. (more…)