Flint And Tinder United States Of America’s “10-Year Hoodie” Breaks Kickstarter Files

Why is the 10-Year Hoodie so special.Photo: Flint And Tinder USA

“Get significantly less, but discover more.” Seems fantastic, suitable? But if you consider the method in which most of us look today, maybe not a lot of men and women are sticking to in that way of thought today. Jake Bronstein, founder of Flint And Tinder United States Of America, is wanting to alter the way many people contemplate clothes, which works out, people are SERIOUSLY hearing. Jake started a Kickstarter campaign to get knowledge about “planned obsolescence,” so to offer the item he created to deal with they, known as “The 10-Year Hoodie.” Extremely, for starters, what’s planned obsolescence? Ponder over it from opinion of a manufacturer: if someone makes a product that lasts anyone for a long time, or that continues these people an extremely long-term even, these are not likely travelling to come back and buy another before their unique basic you have worn out. (more…)