Understanding the demand and importance of studies, Rick at some point begun using neighborhoods, different nonprofits, professionals, and education by engaging them in discussion nearby the prevalence of sexual assault in our neighborhood while the methods we could protect against they.

In addition to training on issues regarding intimate attack, Rick operates every day to ensure that forums across Tx understand the effects of sexual assault and its particular effect on the individuals your condition. Virginia Rueda provides over 25 years of experience employed in peoples treatments.

In her position she advocated for survivors including directed the sexual attack services into the service. Rueda, besides managing more advocates, she facilitated and assisted in developing support groups for survivors of sexual assault. In addition to that, Ms. Rueda provides presentations and tuition in both Spanish and English on subjects associated with the characteristics of sexual assault.

In her situation, she collaborates and helps organizations across regions which offer treatments for survivors of intimate attack. Dixie provides knowledge carrying out sex and work trafficking, intimate attack, and close lover violence studies, especially among teenagers and emerging adults. She’s knowledge of son or daughter sex trafficking reduction and input policy advocacy and policy testing along with instance management with teens getting ready to age out of the foster attention system.

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