A Little Rules Lesson: A Primer for the Well-intentioned Lesbian

As a femme, I’m comfortable with lesbians querying me with inappropriate premise concealed as queries:

“Are you PRETTY SURE you’re a lesbian? “You’re bisexual are not a person?” “I’ve never fulfilled a lesbian best gamer dating apps that appears like you-Are a person SURE you’re a lesbian?”

While we appreciate the company’s elevated eyebrows and admissions of marvel, i eventually got to imagining: just where create lesbians turn for recommendations on strategy to react in social situations? That do most people inquire about suggestions engage the sexy lady for the toilet line or simple tips to flirt at delight competition?

While Dr. Frankie do a superb task with her inquire Dr. Frankie videos television series, I recently skilled two, in a similar fashion shameful, societal lesbian communications that I’m specific more femmes get withstood, and are also searching for some really serious lesbian manners guidelines. (more…)