The Continental Divide walk Colorado will be the coldest part of the whole trail, both for northbound and southbound thru hiker

Know Why You Are Thru Climbing the CDT

During times during the difficulty you’ll inquire the reason you are achieving this to your self. Perhaps you havena€™t viewed another hiker for several era or endured a winter season snowstorm and so are run minimum on foods with many different weeks to hike into the closest city.

Have a critical consider your explanation to hike the trail. In my situation it absolutely was usually concerning character, the landscapes, the animals therefore the challenge of doing a tough thru hike.

Best 5 Favorite Weeks Thru Hiking the CDT

Easily Thru Hiked the CDT again

Easily had been Thru Hiking the CDT again what can I do in another way?

First of all, I would would rather be Thru Hiking the CDT southbound. It includes an improved potential for achievement for any hiker who’s a bit of walk fitness.

Furthermore, I would personally deliver most snacks boxes with healthy foods for some associated with the little towns in Idaho and Montana.

Finally, I would save money time in the trail areas of Colorado, they’re costly.

And lastly, I would personally bring extra neros much less zeros. I had quite a few zero days from inside the walk towns.

Travel Insurance for Overseas Thru Hikers

CDT Hikers travel from overseas will require some sort of Travel Insurance. (more…)