Whenever you’re choosing a profile design, hold these 3 elements in mind:

  1. Your actual age
  2. Age the “ideal lover”
  3. What kind of union you’re seeking

A lady inside her 20s who’s in search of a very everyday connection will most likely answer simpler to the kind of humor in the past profile example than a female inside her later part of the 30s shopping for anything serious would.

However, if you’re a 35+ man seeking a critical commitment, pick a visibility such as the second example.

The greater amount of down-to-earth approach will attract ladies who are searching for a recognised, successful man.

If you’d like to make use of one of these instances for a part of a longer internet dating profile on a niche site like OkCupid , just move the call-to-action for the end of your visibility.

That’s the line on really end that says to the lady what you should do after that, i.e. (more…)