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AndRomeo OSP is certainly a GayRomeo chitchat subscribers for Android-enabled products

The AndRomeo OSP groups decide’s to thank all people for the replies, insect document while having needs. Correct we now have gotten to 1000 grabbing. Unquestionably remarkable!

Say thanks a bunch all such to make usage of our personal software!

We possibly may become not just allways on timetable, but we’re planning to still work through the app to enhance the protection featuring. ??

Bring a good time and enjoy the summer months – remember to has AndRomeo running in credentials! ??


AndRomeo 0.1.8 may be released

At sunday, July the fourth, we’ll placed 0.1.8 for your opportunities.

This launch got a bugfix manufacturing: the application form should become considerably quicker plus firm. The selection of most recent functions is not quite a long time (a refresh icon, some visuals optimizations, a settings menu).

But our very own fundamental reason have been a little bit more firm goods before you decide to execute new features. Current fashion designer edition are crashing more infrequently, in which happen to be a lot fewer lags currently with all the program.

And it also’s rock trustworthy in case you are changing the sites: it acknowledges cure timeout efficiently (in-lot of minutes) or a malfunctioning group, and automaticaly tries a re-login. (more…)