COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, The log of Global problem, quarterly- is actually these days in twenty-fifth 12 months of publishing.

Our company is pleased to every of our over five-hundred contributors and to all our visitors worldwide with made this feasible.

The continuous and rising help and support of institutions-educational, federal government, colleges, libraries and different think-tanks, companies also organizations-have assisted us in our endeavour to help make BUSINESS ISSUES that’s review and trusted internationally. We try to reach off to more readers world wide.

  • The diary covers a wide selections of problems whilst focusing on the changing socio- politico-economic situation and equations nowadays.
  • It stimulates communicating and debate between evolved and building places.
  • They reaches out over world frontrunners, well-known personalities, think-tanks, heads of state, political leaderships, industrial and informative establishments, universities, libraries, teachers, pupils therefore the public in Asia and overseas.
  • It gives an abundant historical and philosophical attitude on recent affairs, surrounding geopolitics, business economics, location, sociology, technologies and heritage in its scope and exercise predictive power to identify rising trends in addition to their future effects. (more…)