Farmer Simmons’ ‘unusual’ plot of land would go to public auction and could feel yours for ?500,000

You may learn character Simmons like the husband that towed his barge, known as Noah’s Ark through people, into Ernesettle Creek – regrettably they have passed away, so his area is upward for public auction

  • 15:00, 10 JUL 2021
  • Up-to-date 19:19, 10 JUL 2021

An exceptional plot of land after owned by a peculiar Plymouth farmer happens to be on the way to auction – and yes it maybe yours for half a million.

The expansive area, near Tamerton Foliot, possess an amazing and wacky background going back nearly forty years.

It was acquired by Richard Simmons, otherwise known as Farmer Simmons – or prick by his or her family – back in 1983.

You could understand Farmer Simmons as being the guy that towed his barge, dubbed Noah’s Ark because citizens, into Ernesettle Creek.

The wacky fictional character has also been famous for preaching sermons across Tamerton pond and Ernesettle Creek, becoming an alarm time of manner for close people. If they thanked him or her for this or not is designed for one determine.

Trusted player Simmons lived in a caravan on his terrain nearby after their home would be wrecked by flame, and would go out into their area day to day at fracture of start to preach sermons throughout the creek.

Sadly, the precious individual passed away in 2016 but placed the parcel to his finally remaining relative – his nephew, Richard Miles.

And then the area happens to be available for sale with techniques price of ?500,000 to ?650,000.

Many of the secure is actually tidal drinking water with parts of forest incorporating design authorization for a four-bedroom homes. (more…)