Dating in asia. They lag behind Thais in paid survey in 5 places

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Hong Kong singles are far more available to dating foreigners than their counterparts somewhere else in Southeast Asia, a representation associated with nature that is international of town.

For six consecutive years a wide-ranging relationship study has discovered a comparatively stable percentage of Hong Kong singles (about 60%) are available to dating foreigners. This portion is more than the percentage of singles in Singapore and Malaysia likewise ready to date people from a various country, while Thailand ranked top, with about eight in 10 Thai singles ready to accept dating foreigners.

“Hong Kong is really a cosmopolitan city. In contrast to Singapore and Malaysia, there are many expats involved in Hong Kong”

claims Violet Lam, CEO and co-founder of Lunch really, the Singapore-based multinational dating company that conducts the study. “this is exactly why Hong Kong provides more possibilities to generally meet foreigners, and individuals are far more happy to start as much as them.”

In 2010, Lunch really surveyed significantly more than 2,800 single respondents online, aged from 21 to 51 yrs old, from five Southeast Asian nations: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Fulfilling a potential romantic partner through buddies the most popular methods of finding a night out together in Hong Kong (50% of 450 individuals surveyed), Malaysia (40% of 360 participants), and Indonesia (53% of 450 singles). (more…)