How are the dynamics of lesbian interaction completely different from a marriage’s?

Lots of marriages need troubles and “skeletons inside the shoebox” way too. So just generally, just how will they be various? Possibly much performance, a whole lot more desperation in lezzie relationships? And exactly what is the basic reason that you have gotten to that may result in the distinction?

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The primary issue is looking to make a same-sex connection, where God-designed complementarity lacks, into a marriage-like connection designed for balance. Discovern’t any. The good and bad points of male and female are just omitted, so all you have are exactly the same talents and the exact same weak spots.

For example, most people women can be designed to get relational; men are way more task-oriented by design. Jointly, consequently points get accomplished in a context of people’s spirits mattering. In lezzie commitments, it’s related to the connection. And for the reason that a component of lesbianism was an intense fundamental of anxiety, women can be pushed by fear to defend the connection no matter what, lest the other 1 actually believe exiting. This implies binding the second to oneself with gifts, favors, audio, contributed every thing including capital, and continual email each day (and fret as soon as the different does not respond instantly).

We have a baseball containing magnets that suit and adhere collectively by magnet tourist attraction. The placement of items pertaining to both things because some parts tend to be interested in 1, but if you turn among parts, the magnetized polarity produces these to repel one another. You possibly can make these people feel, but you have got to implement some sort of power to keep these people collectively. (more…)