HIV-positive males can use ‘POZ parties’ to lessen threat of spread out of HIV, but additional health problems is likely to be included

Gender functions where HIV-positive gay boys see for unprotected sex may help reduce the scatter of HIV, but could entail a threat of sexually sent problems and superinfection with resilient stress of HIV, according to a pilot learn carried out in ny and posted in the October version of Sexually sent attacks.

Although the learn try displayed in calculated vocabulary, and is also mindful to emphasize both possibly positive and negative fitness ramifications of intercourse people concerning HIV-positive gay males, or a€?POZ partiesa€? since the writers call them, a mass media release from the editors regarding the record made use of a whole lot more sensational language and triggered alarmist statements for example a€?POZ functions dispersed very tension of HIVa€? in well-known push.

Activities including POZ parties may represent an endeavor by HIV-positive homosexual people purchase intimate lovers of the same HIV updates, alleged a€?serosortinga€?. However, there might considerable investigation to the sexual habits of homosexual guys nowadays, little is famous about gay gender activities. Thus experts attempted to describe the faculties of males whom attend POZ activities, their cause of doing so, the sorts of intercourse they involved with at such parties, their drug usage at these happenings as well as their sexual conduct outside functions which included more HIV-positive males.



Picking intimate associates of the same HIV standing, or restricting condomless intercourse to couples of the identical HIV updates. As a threat decrease method, the disadvantage for HIV-negative people would be that they can only just ensure regarding HIV reputation whenever they last took a test, whereas HIV-positive folk may be self-confident they are aware their particular status