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Incorrect father-daughter dating

I would like another direction on a situation that has been bothering me. I am partnered, provides a great 16-year-old action-child that would perhaps not live in our very own county (this woman is along with her mother) but visits very daily. This lady has long been very close to this lady father–both are caring, touchy-feely individuals. Due to the fact reaching adolescence, this new physical closeness has never tempered when i will have asked–just recently she popped towards the his back together with her arms up to their neck and installed onto your as he curved submit specific. Playful, however, in my experience, uncommon you to a dad was more comfortable with their teen child forced muscles to body that have him, the lady bust moving into the his straight back. Almost every other examples: she talked about this lady increased bra proportions to him through the good vacation restaurants, she complains to help you your in the the lady “underdeveloped” derriere, and when she actually moved past your in her pj’s, curved over, and you will wiggled that extremely section of this lady structure from the him.

A recent holiday gift consult–that he satisfied–was a beneficial Victoria’s Secret purchase to possess thongs, bras and you can bikinis.

I am all to own a loving, intimate father-daughter dating, but so it freewheeling, one thing happens question among them is actually bothering me personally. If you ask me, she’s simply too old to get hiking all over their dad, expecting him to invest in her horny lingerie, otherwise discussing the woman real development that have your. (more…)