Your residence. You ‘must’ have a house of enough size and criterion for many of you to live in.

For just two adults without offspring property is actually large enough when it features a home or kitchenette and also at the very least one area. If children are planning live in your home, there should be additional room. Two offspring can show a bedroom.

A sub-let house is alright, nevertheless the sub-let needs to be authorized by the property owner, housing cooperative relationship or local lease tribunal. If an individual has actually a live-in arrangement at individuals else’s residence, or lives at home with one’s mothers, a person is perhaps not seen as having an acceptable version of housing.

You ought to be able to utilize home from when all your family members customers come to Sweden.

You should be able to reveal that you’ve got a property for at least one year in the future.

Exemp­tions towards main­te­nance requi­re­ment

Types of cases in which you commonly expected to be able to supporting your self and also homes:

  • you will be under 18 years old and some one try obtaining a residence allow to in order to are available live with you,
  • an associate of one’s families was deciding on continue her/his residence allow
  • you might be a Swedish resident, a resident associated with the EU/EEA or a Swiss citizen and you are clearly married/cohabiting lovers along with your commitment is actually well-established (you have, for example, existed along for a long time)
  • you may have a residence allow with refugee or subsidiary coverage updates, as well as the application is made within 3 months of having been approved a residence allow or refugee or subsidiary shelter updates in Sweden, there is no need the potential for being reunited in a country outside of the EU and you also lived with each other straight away if your wanting to gone to live in Sweden
  • you’ve got come to Sweden as a quota refugee and also the application is created within three months of arrival in Sweden
  • there are other special reasons, eg you may well be not able to meet up with the maintenance requirement on the basis of once and for all damaged operating ability, for instance due to infection or handicap. (more…)