For many young Japanese, matrimony and intercourse tend to be reduced priorities

This is the fourth in a five-part collection on Japan’s society issues as a result of its graying culture and reduced birthrate.

Nakamura, an 18-year-old institution scholar, winces anytime the guy imagines themselves matchmaking a woman.

“What i’m saying is, I would have to pay awareness of the thing I put and rack my personal mind to figure out in which i will simply take the woman for a night out together…. It’s just an excessive amount of an inconvenience,” he states .

Nakamura, who requested becoming identified merely by their surname, try thrilled to stay solitary. He says it really is a lot more enjoyable playing games and talking via texts all-night together with male company than going on a date.

The economics major at a college in Tokyo has never had gender, but according to him he’s okay thereupon. A part of him really does fantasize about getting married by the age 30, but the guy hastens to incorporate: “I do not think that’s feasible.”