Justine Skye Blamed Her Split With Travis Scott On Past BFF Kylie Jenner, However They Are They Nevertheless Pals?

Besides the girl tunes career, Justine Skye quickly produced a name for herself among Kylie Jenneraˆ™s best friends, who had been usually plastered all over the TV staraˆ™s social media pages as to what was Jenneraˆ™s method of showing enthusiasts so how near the former besties happened to be. They treasured sleepover parties, vacationed and their own mutual friends and Jenner even made a guest cameo in Skyeaˆ™s music video for her 2014 track Iaˆ™m Yours.

But by 2017, their unique relationship began falling aside as https://datingranking.net/blackdatingforfree-review/ soon as information out of cash that Jenner have began dating rap artist Travis Scott. Why this got triggered these types of debate got because Justine was actually online dating the Sicko function hitmaker right before he had gotten with Jenner, and thus the guy dumped the woman for the cosmetics mogul, subsequently triggering a rift within previous friends.

Skye, who’s closed to Roc country and Republic registers, has actually exhausted in interview that she really doesnaˆ™t have any terrible emotions around ways points starred around. (more…)