What exactly do men and women wish in a co-founder? YC has some solutions

If I went along to Stanford and worked with some YC-backed startups, chances are that I’ll find it not too difficult discover one or two co-founders, bring millions in financing and create a billion-dollar business.

But as someone that was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and studied on University of Nigeria, those it’s likely that a lot slimmer, and it’ll end up being hard to find equivalent sources to build a fruitful business.

Whenever Y Combinator began business class as an in-person program for early-stage founders unveiling a company, it catered toward very first group of privileged creators. It next chose to amount the acting industry quite by using this system online thus founders from other parts of the world could participate.

The complimentary regimen, that provides a comparable course to YC’s major information made use of during its biannual startup batches, amassed more than 300,000 individuals.

Business college enjoys a Q&A period every Monday where latest members of the program join in the very first time. After several conferences, those who work in charge in the plan noticed they needed to solve another problem.

“The most commonly known matter we obtain is when manage I have found a co-founder? Just how do I find the right co-founder? How to locate a tech co-founder? (more…)