7. interest from babes. Got a pixie cut two months back.

Plenty focus from other ladies saying how it suited me personally as well as how good it looks. Decreased attention from boys. Undergoing growing it now. They sucks because personally i think considerably bland with long-hair. I suppose i am going to you should be in a position to know i could display this see basically actually like to go-back.

8. plenty of compliments

Had a pixie slashed a few years as well as we undoubtedly got way more good focus. Have comments onto it everywhere I went. Have people questioning my personal sexuality sporadically, but other than that, absolutely well worth acquiring.

9. They’re more severe

Men – specifically on internet dating web pages – will state things like, “I ENJOY lady with short hair,” and touch upon exactly how courageous the choice are.

Unclear about everyone having myself considerably really or otherwise not since my personal hair featuresn’t been very long since I got 16. (more…)