ACT Test Scores. Watching, Sending, and Understanding Your Scores

A few what to realize about Superscoring:

  • ACT supports making use of superscoring for making university admissions choices.
  • Colleges set their very own policies superscoring that is regarding. But, ACT will give them a minumum of one complete composite rating with each superscore, plus all of the ratings through the test occasions which are the main superscore composite.
  • We encourage universities and colleges to think about including superscoring to their score-use policy because, as our studies have shown, superscores are only as predictive – or even more predictive – of first-year grades than many other scoring practices.

After you receive your official score report in the mail if you test through one of the administrations listed below, your scores will be posted. You will need to create one using the ACT ID printed on your score report when creating your account if you do not have an ACT web account.

  • State and District — screening and soon after
  • Special, Arranged, Project — evaluation and later