Tango Directions for Alive Transmission. We’ve got developed these rules in agreement with Apple Inc

We produced these instructions in contract with Apple Inc. and Google LLC to help us maintain a safe surroundings for every user in your special Tango society. We engage in what is also known as zero-tolerance policy and in all of our single discernment experience the directly to pull any content material and/or disable any individual accounts that violates these criteria. Content in breach consists of something that is seen, heard and/or referenced in just about any Live broadcast, broadcast concept, pictures, and any such thing uploaded or found in any visibility.

You truly must be at least 17 years old to install the software, enroll and aired on Tango. It is also possible for a person under 17 to look on stream briefly, but only if about 1 adult streamer is on screen and supervising. Please know that Tango moderation program scans all broadcasts for underage appearances and may shutdown your own stay if it finds such a situation.

Clothes Laws for Broadcasters

A broadcaster must be totally clothed while streaming. (Dear men broadcasters, using a shirt is essential plus wearing a bottom.)

It is really not permitted to flow nude, even if the person is partly secure with a soft towel, blanket or veil. (more…)