Oral Intercourse is actually Alive and Really Among Seniors Over 70, Relating to Survey

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Joint survey backed of the movie PLAY THE ONLINE GAME and Boomers site eons.com shows the shocking reality about Boomer and older intercourse lives.

Andy Griffith and Liz Sheridan create just what Seniors create when you look at the flick HAVE FUN WITH THE ONLINE GAME

I am a large follower of seniors live day-after-day toward maximum inside their old age, and so I’m pleased to discover these review outcome. I’m pleased seniors continue to be checking out both’s figures in every way

Those doubting the intimate power for the typical senior may want to have a look 2 times at a recently available survey conducted throughout the Boomer social networking web site, eons.com. Those types of in interactions, the study discovered that 55per cent of seniors over 70 have actually oral gender at least one time in sometime. Prompted by tasteful yet provocative depiction of senior sex within the soon to be sold film have fun with the Game, where Andy Griffith’s 84-year older figure get oral enjoyment from none other than “Mrs. Seinfeld” celebrity Liz Sheridan, the survey reveals that the film is right: Seniors are receiving intercourse plus they are taking pleasure in it.

Above 3,500 men and women age 50+ taken care of immediately the study. an astonishing 35per cent of surveyed seniors age 70+ reported they will have dental intercourse “often” or “very typically.” Much more shockingly, the study discovered that 71% on the over-50 crowd nonetheless masturbate, either themselves or with someone.

“I’m a huge follower of seniors live every day to your fullest inside their old age, and so I’m happy to discover these review listings.

I am happy seniors are exploring both’s figures in every ways,” stated Liz Sheridan, who plays Andy Griffith’s girlfriend in Play The games and just who starred ‘Mrs. Seinfeld’ into the Seinfeld tvs show. (more…)