“Don’t Punish myself for Just who we Am”Systemic Discrimination Against Transgender Women in Lebanon

Dr. Nesrine Rizk, an HIV professional at the American University of Beirut clinic, advised people liberties observe a large number of private insurers in Lebanon won’t cover someone living with HIV, which boosts the financial load on it and deters all of them from looking for treatment. [196] Dr. Rizk added that it’s a top priority to deal with personal stigma on such basis as HIV standing more usually, along with stigma from health care companies, as major barriers to being able to access cures. These barriers are solidified by lack of legislation which safeguards people managing HIV from discrimination.

Mental Health Providers

My personal mothers required to a psychologist. I tried to speak with this lady, until we got to a time where she mentioned, ‘Be a person, I’m able to find it facing me personally that you’re a person while should accept they.’ Next she mentioned that she can’t recognize me in her hospital any longer because we don’t want to transform. I stated, ‘I’ve seated along with you for four sessions while be prepared to alter me personally? (more…)