Nigerians are wonderful individuals who have this wonderful pleasure for life and girl capable chat for days, but privately i simply can’t work through the homophobia within the almost all someone along with world.

Therefore I, everyone’s fave chunky but trendy, queer but still the cherished inability journalist set out to uncover what life actually is like for LGBTQ+ Nigerians within the prosperity of wants (modest boast) from queer as well as directly ladies in Lagos.

Over the 2 units i obtained lots of likes, Africa is usually a very hot mattress for those who pretty dubious Scottish group hence as soon as you wanted a pride enhance, become bless the rainfall all the way down in Africa via Tinder and you’re sorted. Plenty of wants didn’t identical several conversations, but we were able to actually hit the comparison home with the folks used to do chat to. The main person entirely emphasised exactly how homophobic Nigeria is by using the woman straight away mentioning “gays tend to be awful and not enabled in Nigeria”. Pretty much the standard response I had been anticipating until I inquired exactly how she would believe if he or she experienced someone she recognized was released to the woman, to which she answered “lol, rock those to death”. Aye not the best time to convey ‘hiya mate I’m a queer aswell but love getting stoned’ and so I patched the homophobic cow and finished the debate there. (more…)