Exclusive interview: suit Meg Jones and Celia Quansah – ‘It’s more straightforward to feel gay in rugby than other sporting’

England Sevens movie stars Jones and Quansah – team-mates in a same-sex union – open about issues of being homosexual and learning hobby

“You are way too pretty getting gay,” is a remark who may have exasperated Meg Jones and Celia Quansah for several years. The happy couple that came across through a good pal and solidified the company’s union when both happened to be playing Sevens for Britain symbolise not just how women’s sport is beginning to change just how British community features.

Although women’s rugby has-been longer known as a good area for homosexual and bisexual sportsmen, it’s rare that one or two will chat extremely honestly precisely what it is similar to to stay a same-sex connection. Golf was above the rest in that regard. Maybe that Jones is only 24 and Quansah is actually 25 was an indication of the reason they might be extremely open.

Jones feels adverse stereotyping around rugby and girl to girl lady brought about problems, not merely gay characters particularly by herself but chicks picking up the game.

“I often tried to discover also known as a ‘lesbian’ in a damaging strategy as I had been younger just because we played rugby. They can’t declare that mainly because they acknowledged exactly who I found myself, they announced that because we starred rugby and then that causes a negative influence on ladies specially trying out rugby because individuals talk about things such as, ‘rugby will flip a person gay’.

“Being named names familiar with p— myself straight off. (more…)