The cable tv guy’s methods: professional declaring to be hired for occasion Warner wire is telling all on Reddit

Some one saying being an occasion Warner line technician happens to be spilling advice on Reddit.

Moment Warner Cable, the second-largest company of television and online sites across the nation, told mineral that it really is looking into the posts. “We’re incapable of examine when this person is actually an existing or original staff,” a spokesman explained.

Reddit customer cableguy_the started an “Ask me personally any such thing” (AMA) line, uploading photo of their identification document banner and consistent as purported proof his or her tasks. His own solutions to the queries to arrive are incredibly honest. The following are some parts (typos protected).

On Comcast’s impending order of one’s time Warner cable tv:

You want the merger since the recent people accountable is the worst type of in recent record. Lots of people getting shot with difficult measurements. All the electrical power happens to be provided to support services reps and stripped from your people who really browse the houses and correct issues . It’s in pretty bad shape and the company is being run like stool IMHO [in your humble opinion].

In the hassle between gurus and customer reps:

Yea customer care repetitions and technicians is fighting a fight that no body sees. You despise them, the two loathe you. The two tell customers the problem is the device when it rarely is definitely. We determine associates in order to overlook exactly what dude from the contact states because the chances are excellent, he’s never ever bound a home, installed a drop or set cable.

On what’s actually incorrect together with your connections:

Don’t believe 50% of precisely what the associate in the cell tells you. (more…)