The Ombudsman is upholding (agreeing with) nearly all of problems created by borrowers against guarantor lenders for example Amigo.

We not a states business and now we cannot offer direct advice about how to generate a loan provider problem.

The Debt Camel websites provides a fantastic self-help guarantor mortgage issue manual including template emails you need to use. A nearby guidance agencies (like Citizens guidance) can help.

Guarantor Problems

Guarantors need a few potential grounds for grievance.

The financial institution must have examined that one could afford to payback the borrowed funds when the borrower defaulted.

Once you decided to work as guarantor your financing do you really think you might truly afford to do all in the soon after?

Repay the borrowed funds if the debtor defaulted

Payback the various other debts

Shell out your household expense

Pay your own some other spending

Not need more credit

In the event the response is no we advise you to you should consider creating an affordability criticism. (more…)