Beware of Potential Pet Toxins at Home

Did you know that almost any typical home—even those of the most safety-conscious pet owners—contains a few potential pet toxins? It’s hard to avoid having some, but you can take steps to make sure your pet stays safe. Learn more here from a vet Lakewood Ranch, FL.

Toxic Foods

Plenty of human foods aren’t good for pets. The list of common offenders includes onions, garlic, chives, grapes and raisins, chocolate, candy, gum, macadamia nuts, fatty and buttery foods, salt, and alcohol, although there are many others. Keep pets out of the kitchen during mealtime and put harmful foods away where pets can’t reach.

Dangerous Plants

Dieffenbachia, ivy, oleander, elephant ear, the sago palm, lilies, tulips, daffodils, rhododendron, philodendron… the list of potentially harmful plants for pets goes on and on. Check with your vet to find out about common toxic plants in your area, and remove any offenders from your home and landscaping.


Everything from cough syrup and antidepressants to common painkillers and prescription drugs could harm a pet who manages to ingest them. Store medications carefully so pets can’t gain access!

For more tips on your pet’s safety, contact your animal hospital Lakewood Ranch, FL today.

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