Learning More About the Sphynx Cat

If you’ve seen a sphynx cat in person, it’s probably not an experience you’ve forgotten. Sphynxes are some of the most unique cats out there, with their hairless bodies, wide eyes, and large ears. Learn about these fascinating felines below as your vet clinic London, ON tells you more.


The modern Sphynx cat originated in Toronto, Canada, in the 1960s. A pair of domestic shorthair cats there produced a hairless litter, simply thanks to a random genetic mutation. Thus, the Sphynx was born—they’ve been spreading ever since!


Sphynxes are great family pets, as they’re very friendly, inquisitive, and intelligent animals. They have high metabolisms, so they’re fairly high-energy pets who love to climb, jump, and play.

Care Needs

The Sphynx’s care needs are much the same as any other cat. They will need regular bathing, though, as their body oil tends to build up thanks to the lack of fur. You’ll also need to be very protective of your pet’s sensitive skin—Sphynxes should never be left in direct sunlight and should wear sunscreen if they’ll be outdoors.

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