Why Won’t My Cat Use the Litter Box?

Did you know that about one out of every 10 cats will experience a litter-box aversion at one point in their lives? There are many reasons why our feline friends may choose to shun their bathroom. Learn about three of the most common below from a Mt. Pleasant, SC vet.


Where your cat’s box is located is very important. Put it in a quiet, out-of-the-way place where your cat can do her business in peace; like us, cats don’t want to use the bathroom in a crowded, noisy area! In most homes, a bathroom or laundry room will do the trick.


Scoop your cat’s box out on a daily basis, and change the litter out entirely about once a week or so. This will ensure your cat’s bathroom stays clean, and it will be much more likely that Fluffy will use it regularly. Our feline friends don’t like using a dirty bathroom!

Litter Preference

Cats have varying preferences when it comes to litter. Experiment with different grain sizes, scents, and base materials to see what your cat likes.

Need help getting your cat to use the litter box? We’re here for you. Call your Vet Clinic Mt. Pleasant, SC.

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