Why Pet Playtime is Important

Most of us can spend hours playing with our beloved pets. While it certainly is plenty of fun, there’s also various other benefits of playtime for our pets! Learn more here from your Greenville, SC vet.

Improved Behavior

Pets who get the proper amount of playtime and exercise are almost always better behaved than those who don’t. Playing allows your pet to release pent-up energy and put their natural stalking, hunting, pouncing, or pawing instincts to good use. As a result, they’re far less likely to act out aggressively, scratch or chew inappropriately, or attempt to escape.

Physical Workout

Of course, regular playtime keeps your furry friend in peak physical condition by exercising the muscles and keeping joints limber. Plus, it burns calories to prevent your pet from becoming obese. Ask your vet what sort of exercise might be most beneficial for your cat or dog.

Bonding Time

The relationships we have with our pets are not to be taken for granted. By playing with your pet daily, you’re strengthening the intense bond with your animal companion and making it last for years to come.

Would you like more helpful pet playtime advice? Call your Greenville, SC pet hospital today.

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