Why is Pet Playtime Important?

Although playing with your pet is certainly a lot of fun, it’s about much more than that. Learn about some of the benefits of pet playtime below from your Ellicott City, MD animal hospital.

Physical Activity

Every pet needs their exercise, and regular playtime facilitates that nicely. Whether you’re romping around on the floor or playing a game of fetch outdoors, getting your pet moving via playing is very important. Ask your vet about the best physical activities for your particular animal companion’s needs.

Mental Stimulation

Playing also keeps your pet’s mind engaged, stimulated, and active. Pets who become bored due to lack of playtime and exercise tend to act out aggressively or destructively. Avoid these hassles by giving your pet the attention he or she deserves every day.

Pet-Owner Bonding

The bond a pet owner has with their furry companion is extremely powerful, and regular playtime only strengthens the relationship you have with your pet. Show your pet love through playtime, and they’ll give it right back to you!

Does your pet need an examination, medications, or vaccinations? The professionals at your animal hospital Ellicott City, MD are here to help. Set up an appointment at the office today!

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