Why Has Fido Lost His Appetite?

If your dog is like most, he loves to eat. So if your pup seems to have lost his appetite and is leaving his kibble in the food bowl, something might be wrong! Here, your vet clinic Frisco, TX tells you about some of the most common reasons your dog might lose his appetite:

Your Dog is Picky

One of the simplest reasons that a dog loses his appetite is that he’s picky. Let’s face it: our canine companions can be downright ornery! But bear in mind that dogs aren’t born picky—they’re made that way thanks to an overabundance of table scraps and treats. Don’t give in to your dog’s pleading eyes, and he’ll likely go back to eating his normal food.

Your Dog’s Food Has Gone Bad

It’s possible for your dog’s food to go bad, just like human food can. Store kibble in an airtight container away from heat, light, and moisture. Stash opened canned food in the refrigerator, but toss it out after a week or so if it’s uneaten.

Your Dog is Sick or In Pain

It’s also possible that your dog is sick or is in pain—call your animal hospital Frisco, TX right away.

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