Why Get Your Pet a Microchip?

Although many pet owners still use metal ID tags to keep their pet identified, microchips are becoming more and more popular every day. Here, your Minnetonka, MN veterinarian tells you about just a few of the microchip’s benefits.

Constant Identification

Pets cannot remove their microchip, either on purpose or by accident, the way they may chew through, rip off, or snag a collar containing ID tags. This way, you never have to worry about your pet going unidentified if they get lost!

Quick, Painless Procedure

Getting your pet a microchip is quick, easy, and inexpensive. The chip capsule is inserted under the skin using a specialized syringe. All your pet will feel is a momentary pinching sensation, just like during a regular vaccination. The whole process will be over in a matter of moments.

Easy to Update

If you move or have a change of telephone number, you don’t have to get an entirely new microchip. Simply call the microchip manufacturing company, and they’ll update your pet’s information in their database instantly!

Wondering more about microchips and their benefits? Thinking of getting your pet set up with one? Make an appointment at your veterinarians Minnetonka, MN office today for assistance.

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