Why Adopt an Older Pet?

Are you in the market for a pet? Don’t assume that you can only get a puppy or kitten. Here, your San Diego, CA veterinarian tells you about some of the benefits of older pets.


Not looking to deal with the high-energy, boisterous nature of a puppy or kitten? Consider an older pet, as they’re much calmer and don’t need constant supervision. You also most likely won’t have to worry about bad behaviors like chewing, nipping, or house soiling.


There’s a good chance that many older pets already have some training under their belt; they may know how to respond to commands that former owners taught them. This way, you don’t have to worry about teaching your pet commands or tricks!


It’s likely that an older pet has already lived with a human family. This means that they probably already know to ask to go outside, wear a leash, get into a carrier, and ride in the car. If you aren’t looking forward to teaching a young pet everything he or she needs to know, an older pet may be just the thing for you.

Call your San Diego, CA veterinarians for more information on pet adoption.

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