Why Adopt an Older Pet?

In the market for a new pet? Puppies and kittens aren’t your only options. Here, your Greensboro, NC veterinarian tells you about a few of the benefits of adopting an older animal.

Lower Energy Level

Older pets simply don’t have the energy that young animals do. If you’re not looking to keep up with a rambunctious critter 24/7, an older pet is just the choice for you. Older animals are content to relax on the couch, and they’ll only need the occasional walk or play session to stay happy.

Minimal Training

Older pets, especially if they’ve already lived with a human family, aren’t likely to need training in how to use the bathroom, how to ride in a carrier, etc. This will make your life a lot easier! Some older pets may even come with certain commands “built in.”

Saving a Life

Older pets need loving homes, too! By adopting a middle-aged or elderly pet, you’re saving a life and giving a home to an animal that may not have had the opportunity otherwise.

Do you have questions about the adoption process? Does your new pet need a veterinary checkup? Set up an appointment at your Greensboro, NC animal hospital.

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