Why Adopt an Older Animal?

If you’re considering adding an animal companion to your family ranks soon, keep in mind that a puppy or kitten isn’t your only option. Here, your Hinesville, GA veterinarian tells you about just three of the advantages of adopting an older pet.

Lower Energy

If you’re not looking forward to keeping up with a rambunctious, energy-filled puppy or kitten all day every day, an older pet is the perfect solution. Most older animals are content to relax most of the day, and they’ll only require the occasional bathroom break and exercise session.

Manners and Training

Older pets have already worked through their “chew everything, scratch everything, howl at everything” phases. If you’re not prepared to train a pet in the ways of being a good companion, try out an older animal who likely already has manners and training.


Keep in mind that bringing home a puppy or kitten constitutes a commitment of at least 10 years, if not twice that. If you’re not ready to sign up for that length of commitment, an older animal is a great solution. Plus, older pets need loving homes too!

Do you have questions on pet adoption? Call your Hinesville, GA vet’s office.

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