When is My Dog no Longer a Puppy?

There is a lot to taking care of a puppy. She’ll need constant attention, feeding, walking, and training. Much goes into it and there are a lot of questions surrounding it. One of which is – when is my dog no longer a puppy? For the best information, check with your Indianapolis vet clinic.

Why it’s Important

There are many factors that will change in terms of caring for your puppy once he’s an adult, such as the type of food to feed him. Your Indianapolis vet clinic will best be able to help you know when and how to care for your dog as she grows.

How to Tell

There are several factors, such as ratio in size of her paws to her body and head. Once your dog appears a bit more “proportional”, the better you’ll be able to determine adulthood. Your Indianapolis vet clinic can also make use of factors such as tooth growth to make the determination.

Make sure and maintain an open dialog with your Indianapolis vet clinic. The vet’s involvement is key to a growing dog anywhere!

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